Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Amid Coronavirus Outbreak; Could Apple Be Next?

Facebook F8 Developer Conference 2020

After the cancellation of the MWC 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s now the turn of other conferences with Facebook biting the straps. The company has canceled the F8 Developer Conference 2020 to be held in San Jose amidst Coronavirus concerns.

It is through the annual F8 Developer Conference that the social media giant shares the vision and roadmap for the remaining part of the year.

In a statement released to the press, Facebook announced the difficult decision to cancel the F8 Developer Conference considering the health and safety of their developer partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Even though the company explored the possibility to host the in-person part of F8 2020 by involving developers from the US, the management was critical to have international developers on board. Hence, the whole F8 developer conference was canceled taking into account the health of the developer community.

F8 2020 Online Event Possibility

Facebook is also planning to host an online event for the student community since they are usually given preference during the F8 event.

In addition to online event with videos and live-streamed sessions, the company is also considering to conduct local events within the United States. The company looks forward to interacting with all the developers, community leaders, and students at F8 2021.

Facebook Uplifts Community

With a great commitment to the San Jose city, Facebook used to donate a portion of F8 Developer COnference ticket sales to companies who work aggressively to diversify the tech industry. The donation amount has been doubled to $500,000 and the company will work towards the upliftment of companies and their families in the San Jose area.

Microsoft And Olympics Also On The Same Page

In the meantime, Microsoft also announced that the company will not participate in the 2020 Game Developers Conference scheduled to be held in March 2020.

Even though the company can participate in the event, they don’t want to play with the valuable lives of the employees and other stakeholders. There is also a possibility that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will also be called off because of the proximity towards China. The event was slated to run from July 24 to August 9 and won’t be rescheduled if canceled, adds a member of the International Olympic Committee.

Will Apple Cancel WWDC 2020?

There is a possibility that Apple could also cancel WWDC 2020, but there is no official confirmation from the company. So, let’s wait and watch.

With the Facebook F8 Developer Conference 2020 event cancelled and Apple in deep deliberations regarding the imminent possibility of the cancellation, the entire community is working hard to bring the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) to a halt.

With an increase in casualties every day, companies should also have to take preventive measures. We expect that all major companies will either cancel all the scheduled events or won’t take part in the International conferences in 2020. This will hurt their chances to showcase their products and solutions before the global audience.


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