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ElevenLabs Unveils Groundbreaking AI Dubbing Tool for Universal Content Accessibility

In a significant stride towards eliminating linguistic barriers, ElevenLabs, a leading voice AI technology firm, has introduced a revolutionary AI dubbing feature. This innovation aims to foster universal content accessibility by translating spoken content into various languages while retaining the original speaker’s voice.

Key Highlights:

  • ElevenLabs’ AI dubbing tool can translate spoken content to another language in mere minutes, preserving the original speaker’s voice.
  • The tool is a result of the company’s extensive research, ensuring audiences worldwide can relish content in their native language.
  • This feature empowers creators, educators, and media companies to cater to a global audience effortlessly.
  • The AI dubbing tool surpasses traditional translation methods by maintaining the speaker’s identity and original speech patterns during translation.
  • The feature currently supports voice translation in over 20 languages, including Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Polish, and Arabic.

A Leap Towards Universal Content Accessibility:

ElevenLabs, globally recognized for its voice AI technology, has taken a monumental step with the introduction of its voice translation feature. This tool is a testament to the company’s foundational mission of eradicating linguistic content barriers. The AI dubbing tool’s capability to retain the original speaker’s voice while translating speech into a different language presents a novel, high-quality dubbing method for both audio and video content.

Mati Staniszewski, CEO and co-founder of ElevenLabs, expressed his enthusiasm for the release of AI dubbing. He emphasized its potential in bridging linguistic gaps, allowing audiences to enjoy content irrespective of their language. This innovation also offers content creators a genuine opportunity to reach a more extensive global audience.

Preserving Authenticity in Translation:

The AI dubbing tool’s uniqueness lies in its ability to go beyond mere translation. It ensures the speaker’s identity and original speech patterns remain intact during the translation process. This means that a single actor’s voice can resonate with audiences in over 20 languages, delivering lines with the original recording’s essence and nuance.

By amalgamating research on multilingual speech synthesis, voice cloning, text, and audio processing, ElevenLabs has enhanced the authenticity of translated content. This ensures broader audience accessibility while preserving the original content’s essence.

A Tool for the Future:

With only 6% of the global population being native English speakers and 75% not speaking any English, ElevenLabs’ AI dubbing tool is a game-changer. It promises a swift, cost-effective solution for making every video globally accessible.

Following the recent release of “Projects,” ElevenLabs’ advanced workflow for generating and editing long-form audio, the company continues its mission. The goal is clear: break down language barriers and make content universally accessible in any language and voice.


ElevenLabs has made a significant breakthrough with its AI dubbing tool, aiming to eliminate linguistic barriers in content. This tool can translate spoken content into various languages in minutes while preserving the original speaker’s voice. With the capability to support over 20 languages, this innovation ensures that content creators can reach a global audience effortlessly. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, tools like these will play a pivotal role in ensuring universal content accessibility.

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