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Duolingo Unveils Music Course: A New Tune in Digital Learning

Learning a new language has always been Duolingo’s forte, but now, the platform is hitting a different kind of note. Duolingo has introduced a brand-new music course, aiming to make music education accessible to everyone.

Key Highlights:

  • Duolingo’s music course focuses on music literacy, including reading and identifying notes.
  • The course offers an interactive, gamified approach to learning musical concepts.
  • Users can learn using an on-screen keyboard, enhancing playing, sight-reading, and listening skills.
  • The course is part of Duolingo’s expanded offerings, which now include music, math, and over 40 languages.
  • No need for a physical instrument; the course is designed to be fully accessible via the app.

A Melodious Mission:

Studies have consistently shown the myriad benefits of music education, from enhancing reading, verbal, listening, and math skills to potentially delaying cognitive decline associated with aging. However, more than 36 million students in the U.S. lack access to music education. Private lessons, for those who wish to delve deeper, can be prohibitively expensive, sometimes costing up to $400 per session.

Duolingo’s music course is a response to this gap. While other apps might train learners for performance on a specific instrument, Duolingo has chosen a broader approach. The aim is not just to teach music but to ensure music literacy. This includes the basics like reading and identifying notes, and even playing familiar tunes.

An Engaging Approach to Music:

True to Duolingo’s style, the music course is interactive and gamified. Instead of passive learning through lengthy videos or extensive reading, users engage with game-like exercises. Using an on-screen keyboard, learners progress step by step. They start by finding notes on the keyboard, then on a staff, and as they progress, they gain playing, sight-reading, and listening skills. The culmination is the ability to play full-length songs.

FAQs on the New Course:

What does the music course cover?
The course teaches rhythm, note names, the location of notes on a piano, reading music, and ear training to distinguish different sounds.

Is a physical instrument required?
No. The course is designed to be fully accessible via the app, providing a foundation that can be applied to any instrument.

Which instruments are covered?
Currently, all lessons are based on a piano keyboard.

Initially, Duolingo Music will be available on iOS devices in English and Spanish, with plans for broader accessibility in the future.


Duolingo, renowned for its language courses, has ventured into the realm of music education. Recognizing the myriad benefits and the existing gaps in music education, the platform has launched a music course. This course, designed in Duolingo’s signature interactive style, aims to make music literacy accessible to all. Whether you’re a budding musician or just curious about the world of notes and rhythms, Duolingo’s music course promises a harmonious learning journey.

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