Microsoft launches coronavirus tracker website globally to track COVID-19

Microsoft introduces Bing COVID-19 tracker
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing severe wreckage across the world with infection being spread to almost 140 countries. The death toll rising almost 6,500 worldwide and with around 169,500 confirmed cases, scientists are working their sweat off to develop a possible vaccine that can cure this respiratory disease.

The outbreak is undeniably a concerning issue for everyone, but what could be worse is the fake news making rounds on the internet, being shared on social media that is causing panic among people. But thankfully Microsoft has come up with an initiative to provide reliable information. Microsoft’s Bing Team has introduced a web portal for tracking the novel Coronavirus infection around the globe.

How To Access Microsoft Bing COVID-19 Tracker?

The coronavirus tracker can be accessed by visiting the site The live dashboard shows an interactive map with confirmed, active, fatal and recovered cases countrywide.

Microsoft cited that the data is being accumulated from authentic sources including the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

The layout is quite clean and intuitive and if you tap on a particular country the dashboard shows information related to that country including the latest news and videos. This tracker from Microsoft is quite helpful given you to get credible information and details regarding public health and safety measures taken by the various countries.

The Microsoft COVID-19 tracker website is accessible via mobile as well. You can simply type and the tracker will pop up on the mobile screen. Similar to desktop, the live dashboard on mobile shows up-to-date infection stats for each country and allows you to check the specific number of cases, related news of a particular country. You can zoom in and tap on a particular country to get information.

On the top right corner, there is a hamburger like an icon that shows from where the data has been aggregated and when was the data last updated. There is a share option as well that allows you to share the COVID-19 tracker link via social media platforms.

Microsoft’s Bing Coronavirus Tracker will come in handy for users who are unable to get reliable data in one crate until now. The only drawback of this tracker, however, is that it shows state-wide information only for the US.
While the world is currently experiencing the pandemic of the infectious Coronavirus disease, this initiative from Microsoft at least comes as a relief and help users discard misleading information.

The COVID-19 outbreak began in late December 2019 in Wuhan, China. WHO on its official page mentioned a few basic protective measures against coronavirus including washing hands regularly and thoroughly, maintaining a distance of at least 1m between you and the person who has a cough.

In case you have fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing it is advised to have a thorough checkup and stay at home. If you want additional details on COVID-19 you can visit WHO’s official page Stay safe!


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