China deploys AI-enabled smart glasses to detect people with Coronavirus

The deadly Coronavirus also called COVID-19 has taken toll of not only people but also the economy. With several countries on the lockdown and steep increase in positive cases, people are struggling to cope up with lives. Despite all the setbacks, Chinese engineers have successfully developed AI-enabled Smart Glasses to locate people with Coronavirus. The smart glasses are designed with a thermal imaging camera, which captures the temperature even from 1 meter away.

According to sources, security officers in China have started to wear AI-powered smart glasses to locate people with fever, which is one of the main symptoms of the Coronavirus. Developed by Rokid, the AI-enabled smart glasses can measure the temperature of thousands of people in just two minutes. The glasses can be used effectively inside crowded places such as Airports, shopping malls, and others.

Automated Detection

The smart glasses automatically issue alerts to staff when the accessory identifies people with fever. Moreover, a digital record is also created for reference purposes. The smart glasses are now donned by security guards in Hongyuan Park, which is part of a wetland preserve in the eastern city of Hangzhou. The park is one of the popular public facilities in China, which has been reopened after several months of lockdown.

According to Rokit, they have supplied multiple sets of the newly developed smart glasses to the public security bureau and highway police of Hangzhou since January. The glasses are also being provided to traffic authorities in the nearby cities of Huzhou and Quzhou.

As of this writing, several hospitals, airports, and other public places are making use of the AI-enabled smart glasses. Just because the glass ships with smart sensors, it doesn’t mean that they are effective. The smart glass only measures the skin temperature, which is not the same as the core body temperature. The smart glasses can’t be used as an accurate Gadget for the detection of COVID-19 but it provides a signal for further preventive treatment by health care professionals.

The development of AI-enabled smart glasses is a step in the right direction. We expect China to produce the glass in mass quantities and supplies to COVID-19 affected countries to help people suffering from the nasty outbreak.