5 Pro Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer Tips You Need To Know

5 Pro Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Tips You Need To Know

It isn’t easy to play even for more experienced gamers in Call of Duty’s Vanguard multiplayer mode. When looking for advice to make your game better, remember that even the pros make mistakes from time to time, so don’t be hard on yourself. This essay will provide you with the top five crucial strategies to help you survive on Vanguard, which you may use to aid others.

If followed and applied correctly, these suggestions have the potential to improve your gaming abilities significantly. Additionally, you can look online for Battlelog cheats to assist you in navigating some difficult areas of the game. But, in the meantime, continue reading to gain access to the following crucial suggestions.

Games begin and terminate rapidly, causing players to feel compelled to keep up with the excitement. However, a player who kills five people and dies just once contributes slightly more to a win than a person who murders thirty people and dies twenty-nine times does to a win.

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Top 5 Call of Duty- Vanguard Multiplayer Tips

  • Comprehend the Mechanics of Movement
  • Keep Your Heads Together
  • Challenges must be completed
  • Utilize Destructible Environments to Your Advantage
  • Non-Lethal Killstreaks Are Employed

1. Comprehend the Mechanics of Movement

Combat in Vanguard is made more dynamic and interesting by using tactics such as tactical sprinting, sliding, bayonet charging, and weapon mounting. It’s a rather complex system that rewards those who make an effort to understand it.

Those who have mastered techniques like slide canceling and bunny hopping will do well in Vanguard, and even subtle aspects such as weapon mounting and blind fire can be advantageous.

2. Keep Your Heads Together

A good explanation why the game recommends players who spend the most time with their team near allies for the MVP award at the end of each match is because they are the most effective. Although it may not appear to be a significant statistic, it is a significant predictor of which team will win the match.

Players who strike in groups find themselves forming a gang against single opponents, dramatically enhancing their chances of achieving a victory. Of course, you shouldn’t get too close if a grenade is thrown, but you should remain vigilant. It is possible to avenge a player’s death, ensuring that any losses are immediately made up for in the game.

3. Challenges Must Be Completed

All Call of Duty games attempt to innovate and differentiate themselves from previous releases. While Vanguard takes a slightly different approach than Black Ops: Cold War, those who have become disinterested in the series will not necessarily find anything particularly enlightening.

Grinding to complete challenges may assist in mixing up the multiplayer experience and getting players out of the rut of playing their favorite modes with their favorite weapons, which may improve the overall multiplayer experience. Players will level up more quickly due to working consciously to complete challenges, which will, in turn, provide them access to more new material at a faster rate as they level up.

4. Utilize Destructible Environments To Your Advantage

A few easily-destroyed environmental components are available for players to take advantage of in Vanguard. However, it comes across as a gimmick and isn’t nearly as important to gameplay as the Battlefield series.

The ability to shoot through objects such as wooden walls, doors, and windows allows for the creation of covert sightlines that can be used to catch unknowing players off guard. Destroying these destructible objects can also impact the pace of a match. While they are not always necessary for victory, they can assist well-attuned players in achieving some MVP-worthy killstreaks.

5. Non-Lethal Killstreaks Are Employed

In this game, Sledgehammer’s first appearance in the Call of Duty series, killstreaks were not always defined by the number of consecutive kills but by the total score. Until Black Ops: Cold War, this mechanic had been used in practically every Call of Duty release. On the other hand, Killstreaks are reset in Vanguard after a player is killed.

While it’s attractive to go after some of the game’s most elusive and lethal killstreaks, such as the flamenaut or attack dogs, they aren’t always as effective as they may be, especially in the hands of less experienced players. Even though it may seem humiliating, things like surveillance planes and counterspy planes may be quite useful, and they are much more affordable for many people than they are for others.

The third-person point of view is a valuable tool that is underutilized. A living teammate can be directed to a kill using the extended view. Even though it does not count as an official assist, it will not matter when you are staring at a win screen after a match has completed.


We hope that the tips we shared will help you to improve your overall performance in the game. Though they appear simple, it may take numerous attempts to thoroughly acquaint yourself with them. As a result, we recommend paying close attention to the subtleties and taking your in-game actions slowly.

Furthermore, we recommend that you be patient with yourself as you devote the necessary time to the constant practice of your instrument. Having stated that, we have no reservations about your ability to participate in the festivities. So why not get your pads and witness the magic for yourself?

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