Call of Duty: Mobile Steel Legion Rolls Out New Update With Improvements

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If you are a chronic gamer, you can cheer despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Activision has announced the arrival of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 via Reddit. The new series will bring in new ranked season including a Battle Pass with a wide range of new multiplayer modes such as Rapid Fire, Sticks and Stones Modes respectively. You can also expect a new version of the Warfare Mode.

The company also started to push Steel Legion update with several improvements and modifications to the game. The update will take a few days to arrive because of the phased rollout.

The new ranked season includes an Industrial Revolution theme, which ships with Man-o-War classic weapon and a soldier named Ruin. The ranked mode will offer improved art and particle effects. The multiplayer score earning rules will improve for multi-player mode with the Steel Legion update.

Moreover, the penalty for losing a ranked match will also reduce to a large extent. The update also replaced the Scrapyard map with Meltdown. You should note that the Meltdown map has been captured from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which is a medium size map with an industrial theme.

The Mobile Steel Legion update also includes two new game modes with a combination of Gun Game and Team Deathmatch including 2v2 Showdown. As a gamer, you will receive new weapons with kills with the help of Gun Game + Team Deathmatch combo mode.

With the help of the 2v2 Showdown mode, two teams comprising of dual players will not only have to eliminate each other but also captures hardpoints. The Meltdown map is available in DOM, Search and Destroy, Team Death Match, Gun Game: Team Fight, Snipers Only, Gun Game and Free For All modes. You can view the complete readme notes on the Reddit source link provided below.


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