3 Best Cell Phone Location Trackers in 2020

Best Cell Phone Location Trackers Apps

Having knowledge of your person’s location can help you in your motive of keeping them safe. For instance, knowing the actual whereabouts of your kids who are out will help you have ultimate mental peace. Also, it can help you find out any cheating that your spouse is planning. However, the key to success here is using only a reliable one. The market is already over-crowded and there are many options available.

Choosing the right one is actually a tough call for customers. If you are looking for a reliable cell phone location tracker in 2020 and are in a fix then we are going to help you.

3 Best Cell Phone Trackers Apps For Your Device

In this article, we will suggest the top three best cell phone location trackers that you can use in 2020.

1. Spyier

Spyier cell phone tracking app is our first suggestion to you. This cell phone location tracker has been trusted by millions already. Its performance is flawless and magnificent at every point. In a short period, its popularity has been reached in 190 nations across the world.

Some of the most famed media outlets like PCMag and CNET have Spyier for its commendable job. There are few cell phone location trackers that render their services with the least possible hassle and risk. Spyier is one of them. If you want to know more in detail about how Spyier tracks a cell phone location without them knowing, read this post.

Spyier - Phone Spy App

Here, we will give you a quick overview of some of the extraordinary features of Spyier:

  • Spyier keep the risks as low as possible
  • Spyier is pro at the job
  • Spyier is easy-to-use
  • Spyier is the best deal that anyone can ever have

Spyier Keep Risks As Low As Possible

Spyier is not the only cell phone location tracker and we agree with it. But, Spyier belongs to those are and one-and-only cell phone location trackers that work without the help of rooting/jailbreak. Yes, it does.

By ditching the conventional method of location tracking, Spyier has managed to keep the risks involved in the process as low as possible. While working online, Spyier doesn’t save the data on the server. This step enhances the data safety a little further and makes the location tracking process a little safer.

Spyier Is Pro At The Job

Everything about Spyier is quality-oriented. There is no faulty data or performance to experience with Spyier. Spyier captures the data in real-time. Details of Wi-Fi and GPS-based locations can be obtained with full accuracy.

Not only this, it allows you to create virtual boundaries and geo-fence the device. So, whenever the target moves out of those boundaries, you’ll be notified. While all this sounds very impressive, one must not overlook the time-stamped data entries.

Yes, each entry is time-stamped and gives you details like the time of the visit and the duration of the visits at a certain place. Hence, location tracking with Spyier is of premium grade by all means.

Spyier Is Easy-To-Use

Location tracking is tough and we all know that. But, not with Spyier. You will be stunned by seeing the effortlessness that the premium-class interface of Spyier offers. For iOS, Spyier offers a browser-based interface that doesn’t keep you to engage in a lengthy and tedious downloading process.

Its Android location tracking app is super amazing. It’s compact, it’s fast, it’s flawless, and it’s super stealth. The stealth mode hides the presence of the app on the device and no one, not even the target, will be able to find out that you are tracking the cell phone location.

Spyier Is The Best Deal That Anyone Can Ever Have

All these features and facilities are available at a very affordable cost. You don’t have to rob a bank to avail of the facilities of Spyier. Only a monthly expense of $10 is enough to enjoy such a wonderful and quality-driven location tracking service.

Can you imagine any better than this? No, you can’t!

To your surprise, Spyier can do more than location tracking at this cost. It can keep tabs on around 35 phone activities like call records, SMS, SIM information, social media platforms, web-browsing history, apps, and many other facilities.

2. Spyic

SPYIC - Cell Phone Monitoring App
SPYIC – Cell Phone Monitoring App

Though thinking of any other option after hearing and experiencing what all Spyic offers is impossible, we still suggest you two more reliable cell phone location trackers, as we promised. Spyic is our first recommendation.

It is a remote phone monitoring app that can be used to find out the location of the targeted device. When used diligently, it can keep a watch on various other phone activities as well.

Spyic is reliable and can be given a chance because:

  • Its operations are rooting/jailbreak free
  • It comes with an affordable price tag
  • Its features are very extensive
  • Data delivery is without any third person’s intervention
  • It can keep tabs on more than one device at a time
  • Using it easy

3. Minspy

Minispy - Phone Spy App

For all those poor technical knowledge was always a stumbling block, Minspy is a godsend. This cell phone location tracking tool works on all the leading versions of iOS and Android. Free updates are also available.

Minspy works without rooting/jailbreak which is a major reason that we are suggesting this option. Also, it never compromises data security while working online as no data is saved over the server. Packed with impressive features, Minspy will help you have a quality location tracking facility at an affordable cost.

With Minspy, accessing quality location tracking data is possible because:

  • It captures data in real-time
  • Each entry is delivered with a timestamp
  • The data is delivered on a dashboard that you can access using any device/browser
  • It can capture Wi-Fi and GPS based location details will full accuracy

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Final Words

Cell phone location tracking is the only way to ensure the safety of your loved ones when they are out of sight. But, it’s never easy. You need something cut-above to curb the hurdles and hassles involved in the process.

All the three options that we discussed here are worthy of your trust and money. However, Spyier is our personal favorite. It definitely has an edge over the other two options. It’s flawless and perfect.


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