5 Best 3D Wallpaper Apps For Android Smartphones

5 Best 3D Wallpaper Apps For Android Smartphones

If you are someone who loves fancy and sci-fi effects, then you’ll definitely enjoy 3D wallpapers on your home screen. In this article, we bring you some of the best 3D wallpaper apps for your Android phone.

Best 3D Wallpaper Apps For Android Phone

#1. Asteroids 3D Live Wallpaper

Asteroids 3D puts some unbelievably realistic backgrounds from the space and themed educational resources. There are a couple of themes to choose from, including different planets and space environments such as space stations and planets with asteroids moving past by them.

Interestingly, you can customize the count of asteroids and their speed based on your requirements. And you can even enable gyroscope to change the perspective as you tilt your phone. Overall, the animations are quite smooth, and the wallpapers look very realistic.

Download Here (Free)

#2. 3D Parallax Wallpapers

5 Best 3D Wallpaper Apps for Your Phone

Also featured in our best live wallpaper list, the app contains numerous 3D themes and parallax moving backgrounds to customize your phone’s home screen. The collection includes planets, nature, landscapes, superheroes, and more, including some dark ones to suite OLED displays.

It uses gyroscope and accelerometer sensors on your phone to give a real depth feel with each movement. And guess what? You can even design your own 3D wallpapers using existing images and share them with the community. Ads are a downside but, fortunately, can be disabled in the settings.

Download Here (Free)

#3. Earth & Moon 3D Live Wallpaper

Earth & Moon in HD Gyro is yet another amazing 3D wallpaper for space lovers. It brings you 3-dimensional rotating earth with a moon that revolves around. And the developer has included a lot of props such as realistic clouds with shadows, lens flare effects, sun, and other stars.

There’s a good amount of detail on offer which looks even better on tablets. A lot of things can be customized, including the distance from moon, day and night intensity, and the brightness of galaxies around. Plus, you can rotate the planet manually and zoom in for close lookups. Given the quality it offers, it easily is one of the best 3D wallpaper apps for Android phones.

Download Here (Free) | Download Pro Version ($7.99)

#4. 3D Parallax Backgrounds

3D Parallax Backgrounds offers some high-quality wallpapers with cool-looking depth effects, controlled by the gyroscope sensor on your phone. Each wallpaper has multiple layers, giving a realistic holographic appearance on your home screen.

It also has a separate section for 4D wallpapers, which are actually regular walls, with each layer having its own depth effect. As of now, the app has over 300 themes on offer with an option to create and share your themes. It is entirely ad-free but requires $3.69 (roughly INR 270) for installation.

Download Here ($3.69)

#5. Parallax View Wallpaper

Parallax View provides you with a tunnel live wallpaper which supports 3d depth effect based on your phone’s movement. Tilting the phone makes it create the movement and depth illusion of a tunnel on your home screen, which looks great, especially on phones with full-view displays.

There are a total of five different backgrounds to choose from. And you can manually customize the color and tunnel speed for each preset. There’s also an option to select start and end colors, which lets you create a mix of two colors in one animation. It is ad-supported and available for free on the Google Play Store.

Download Here (Free)

So, these were some of the best 3d wallpaper apps for Android available on Google Play Store. Out of all, Earth & Moon wallpaper is what I loved the most for its overall quality and level of detail. But then again, it does take up a bit of extra juice to keep going, which has always been an issue with live wallpapers, especially the ones with 3d and sci-fi effects.

Anyway, what’s your pick? Do you have anything else to recommend? Do let us know in the comments below.


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