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Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 8: Larian Studios Addresses Fan Outcry Over His Majesty

In a recent move, Larian Studios has unveiled the Hotfix 8 patch for the popular RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3. This patch not only addresses various bugs and glitches but also brings back the much-debated appearance of His Majesty, the cat from Act 2.

Key Highlights:

  • His Majesty, initially a sphynx cat, was changed to a conventional feline in a previous update. However, after fan backlash, Larian Studios has reverted him to his original sphynx appearance.
  • Companions will no longer transfer story items to the player upon dismissal, reverting to Patch 2 behavior.
  • Fixes have been made for crashes in multiplayer and a specific “devicelost” crash.
  • Raphael’s original hair color and horns have been restored.
  • PS5 Twitch drops issues have been addressed.

Diving deeper into the patch details, Larian Studios has been diligently improving Baldur’s Gate 3 since its launch in early August. Within just two months, the game has seen seven hotfixes and multiple major patches. The most talked-about change in this hotfix is undoubtedly the fate of His Majesty. The cat, which appears in Act 2, was initially a sphynx but was later changed to a more conventional feline. This alteration was met with significant backlash from fans who demanded the original look of His Majesty. Acknowledging the fans’ sentiments, Larian Studios decided to revert the cat’s appearance.

Another notable change is related to the game’s companions. With this hotfix, companions will no longer transfer story items in their inventory to the player when dismissed, restoring the behavior seen in Patch 2. This change ensures a smoother gameplay experience and addresses inventory management issues that players faced.

Furthermore, the hotfix brings a slew of technical fixes. Crashes in multiplayer have been addressed, and a specific crash termed “devicelost” has been fixed. Additionally, Raphael, one of the game’s characters, has seen a restoration in his original hair color and horns. This change is in line with Larian Studios’ commitment to staying true to the game’s original design and aesthetics. PS5 players will also be pleased to know that issues with Twitch drops have been resolved.

In conclusion, Larian Studios’ Hotfix 8 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is a testament to the developer’s dedication to listening to its fanbase and ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The return of His Majesty in his original form is a significant highlight, showcasing the importance of fan feedback in shaping game updates. As Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to evolve, it’s evident that Larian Studios is committed to delivering a game that resonates with its players’ expectations and desires.

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