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Artists Employ Nightshade Tool to Thwart AI Art Generators

Artists and researchers are devising ways to combat the unauthorized use of their artwork by Artificial Intelligence (AI) art generators. A significant tool in this endeavor is “Nightshade,” which subtly alters images at a pixel level to disrupt AI training, thereby inhibiting the AI’s ability to replicate or misuse the artists’ original works​.

Key Highlights:

  • Nightshade tool employed to poison images at a pixel level.
  • The initiative helps to counter unauthorized utilization of artists’ works by AI art generators.
  • Similar tools like “Glaze” create a “style cloak” to mask artists’ images, assisting in the battle against AI art misappropriation​​.
  • Led by Ben Zhao, a professor of computer science at the University of Chicago, the effort aims to curb tech companies’ whims of using artists’ work to train AI without permission.
  • The alterations made by Nightshade are invisible to the naked eye but can thwart AI training models when scraped online​​.


The rise of AI art generators, which use artists’ works without consent to train their models, has been a growing concern in the artist community. Such tech companies‘ actions are seen as an infringement on artists’ rights. However, tools like Nightshade and Glaze are providing a glimmer of hope. Artists and researchers are fighting back against AI art generators’ unauthorized usage of their artwork with tools like Nightshade, ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights in the digital age., for instance, corrupts images subtly at the pixel level, making them ineffective for AI training purposes without affecting the visual appeal to human eyes. On the other hand, Glaze creates a sort of “style cloak” to shield artists’ images from AI misuse.

This battle underscores the broader discourse on AI’s ethical use, especially concerning intellectual property rights. The subtle yet effective “poisoning” approach is a novel way for artists to retain control over their work and fight back against the whims of tech companies wanting to exploit their creativity for AI training.

It is hoped that such initiatives will pave the way for more robust mechanisms to protect artists’ rights in the AI-dominated era. The efforts by Prof. Ben Zhao and his team highlight the potential of collaborative action in curbing the misuse of AI in art generation, thus ensuring the rightful owners retain control and reap the benefits of their creations.

The unauthorized use of artists’ artwork by AI art generators has led to innovative countermeasures like Nightshade and Glaze. These tools, designed to disrupt AI training at the pixel level or mask the artists’ style, respectively, signify a crucial step towards safeguarding artists’ intellectual property rights against the misuse by tech companies.


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