Apple Watch 6 Rumors: What We Know So Far?

Apple Watch 6

The next-generation Apple Watch 6 will launch within the next few days or months depending upon the severity of the COVID-19. The iPhone-maker will most likely unveil Apple Watch 6 along with the upcoming iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to rumor mills, the Apple Watch 6 will provide support for sleep tracking and blood oxygen levels. Moreover, the company will also release an exclusive Apple Watch for kids.

On the design front, the Apple Watch is expected not to ship with a round display. If you had been following the rumor destinations, you would know about the appearance of a circular face watch. The rumors of Apple Watch patents with a round display also surfaced on the web. However, the existence of the patent is not an assurance that Apple adopts a circular shaped design.

According to industry analysts, the launch of Apple Watch with a circular display will take years because of the complications. The company will have to refresh the hardware and software of the watch to implement the circular design. We expect the company to unveil the new circular-shaped Apple Watch in the 2021-2022 time frame.

Shared Apple Watch Faces

Apple will probably retain the watch faces with the ability to share them. You will be able to share a watch face configuration via AirDrop. Delving deep into the iOS 14 code, the WatchOS 7 will include an analog-style tachymeter, which measures speed and distance.

With the help of Apple Watch 6, you can make use of the shared albums to create a customizable watch face that cycles through the various photos. The rumored International option enables you to pick your country’s flag as your watch face.

Exclusive Fitness App for Apple Watch 6

Based on rumors, Apple Watch 6 will ship with a native fitness app with the ability to provide guided workouts for a wide range of activities such as running, cycling, dance, yoga, strength training and much more.

The new app will be available for iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Even though the app will be free, we are not ruling out the possibility of a subscription-based mechanism.

Accurate Sleep Tracking

The upcoming Apple Watch is rumored to ship with native sleep tracking without sacrificing battery life. The sleep tracking is currently available on the Apple Watch via third-party apps. The implementation of sleep monitoring is challenging because it requires overnight work and the battery could drain quickly. With competing smartwatches are being shipped with sleep tracking, Apple can’t go backward. Hence, we are expecting the company to implement some sort of sleep management mechanism.


Apple will continue to provide support for health capabilities such as SPO2 tracking. You will be able to measure blood oxygen levels and the smartwatch will provide alerts if the value reaches a specific parameter. The new Watch 6 will ship with a Pulse oximeter sensor to provide alerts related to irregular heartbeats. There are rumors that the watch comes with glucose and BP monitoring but here is no official confirmation.

Parental Controls

According to the leaked iOS 14 source code, the company could release a new productivity tool for parents. With the help of the tool, parents will be able to configure a second Apple Watch using their Apple ID. The advantage of this mechanism is that parents can decide the type of content kids can access on the watch, which includes emergency contacts.

The new SchoolTimes module in WatchOS 7 determines the kind of apps that can be used within the time limit. The new ring system will be developed in such a way that it tracks active minutes instead of active calories.

Apple Watch 6 Launch Date and Price

We expect the launch of Apple Watch 6 by the beginning of September. The company will have to settle down first because of the extended closure of its factories and offices across the US due to the deadly COVID-19 outbreak.

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