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Apple Upcoming iOS 17 Update to Resolve FTP Photo Upload Issues on iPhone

Last month, photojournalists using Apple’s iOS 17 began encountering a significant issue: they couldn’t upload photos via FTP. This problem, which seemed to emerge after the iOS 17 update, was a major concern for many professionals who relied on this feature for their work. Fortunately, Apple has acknowledged the issue and promises a fix in the next update.

Key Highlights:

  • Photojournalists reported FTP photo upload problems after updating to iOS 17.
  • The issue affected those using iPhones as hotspots to upload photos from cameras to FTP.
  • Apple’s public forum saw multiple reports of the same problem.
  • Apple has addressed the issue in its latest beta release.
  • The fix is expected to be available to the public soon.

FTP Upload Issue: A Deep Dive

After the iOS 17 update, several photojournalists found that their usual workflow was disrupted. Specifically, those who used iPhones as hotspots to swiftly upload photos from their Nikon and Canon cameras to FTP servers found themselves unable to establish a connection. This wasn’t just a minor inconvenience; for many, it was a critical part of their job.

One photojournalist shared their experience, stating, “My own FTP connection was working perfectly until iOS 17 came out. I know of many others who are reporting the same issues.” This sentiment was echoed across Apple’s public forums, with numerous photographers sharing similar frustrations.

Interestingly, the problem wasn’t limited to photojournalists. Anyone using an iPhone hotspot and trying to connect to any FTP server, whether via a camera or laptop, seemed to encounter the same issue. One user explained, “I need to connect to my webserver via FTP from my macOS 13.4.1. When I connect via hotspot from my iPhone iOS 17, I can’t connect to FTP.”

Apple’s Response:

Despite the initial frustrations, it appears that Apple took notice. In the recent release of public beta 3 of iOS 17, the FTP upload issue seems to have been addressed. While it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the release notes, those who have tested the beta software have reported that the problem is resolved.

For those not on the beta software, the fix will become available once the updated version of iOS 17 is released to the public. While Apple hasn’t provided a specific release date, historically, there hasn’t been a significant delay between the availability of a beta version and its public release.


Apple’s iOS 17 brought with it a host of new features and improvements. However, it also introduced an unexpected FTP photo upload problem that affected many professionals, especially photojournalists. The issue prevented users from uploading photos via FTP when using their iPhones as hotspots. After numerous reports and feedback, Apple has addressed the problem in its latest beta version of iOS 17. Users can expect a public release of the fix soon, ensuring smoother workflows and fewer disruptions for professionals relying on this feature.

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