Apple takes away popular Dark Sky weather app from Android and WearOS users

Google has a plethora of apps available on its Play Store- from high-end games, education apps, photo editor apps, to weather apps. But although many of these apps on Android platform account millions of download, iOS is a lucrative platform for developers and offer more polished and fresh apps for its users. Dark Sky is one such app that provides granular detail on the weather and gives ‘down-to-minute forecasts.’

While the Dark Sky app was primarily designed for iOS it paved its way to Android in 2016. But Apple is now snatching away this app from Android and WearOS users.

In the latest news, Apple has confirmed the acquisition of the hyperlocal Dark Sky weather app. Dark Sky in its official blog post mentioned that it will provide service to existing users and subscribers having Android and WearOS devices until July 1. Subscribers who are active at that time will get a refund of their $2.29 yearly subscription. Moreover, the Dark Sky website is also shutting down.

The Dark Sky team further mentioned API service for existing users won’t be changed as of now but it won’t accept new signups any further. The API will continue to function until 2021.

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According to 9to5Google, Dark Sky has released a new version 3.3.1 yesterday and as per the report users are already being notified about the acquisition directly in the app.

While the hyperlocal weather app’s radar view, timely notifications, and predictions for the next hour came in handy, Apple killing the app will force Android users to look for other alternatives.

Though this looks a bit surprising, 9to5Google notes that Apple’s last acquisition- Shazam remains available for Android users and is getting regular updates. As for the Dark Sky weather app, the team cites that there will be ‘no changes to Dark Sky for iOS,’ for the time being, the question remains as to whether Apple plans to do a makeover with the app or merge it with its weather app.