Apple retail stores outside mainland China to remain closed ‘until further notice’

Apple Retail Store To Remain Closed Until Further Notice

As the pandemic coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout countries, it’s causing shut down of major cities around the globe. The outbreak has even led major tech companies to take initiatives, be it from banning fake videos on social media platforms, pulling out of events or encouraging employees to work from home. The novel coronavirus outbreak has even prompted Apple to shut down its retail stores (outside mainland China).

The iPhone maker earlier this week announced that it would be closing the retailer stores until March 27. However, Apple in a fresh note today said that the brick and mortar stores will remain closed ‘until further notice.

The note about the indefinite shutdown can be seen on Apple’s official site. While this is said to cause disruption to the company’s retail business, Apple’s effort to protect its employees during this global outbreak is commendable.

Apple retail stores outside mainland China to remain closed until further notice

Apple shut down retail stores indefinitely in Italy where the coronavirus death toll has surged past 2500 and the total number of cases rose to 31,506. However, the company has reopened all the Apple stores in mainland China as the pandemic is slowing down in the country due to the government’s preventive (though draconian) measures.

That aside, Apple’s decision to close retail stores might make it difficult for users who want repairing service for their device. But the company has promised that it will provide service via its official website or via telephone. Further, in its FAQ page, Apple mentioned that for consumers who purchased their product prior to the closure of retail stores the company would accept the return for up to 14 days after the stores reopen.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in a blog post published last week said that this ‘global effort’ to protect from the vulnerable virus requires everyone’s participation. With the rate of infection continuing to spread in other places, the company has taken additional measures to protect its team members and customers.

In addition to this, the company has introduced a COVID-19 section in Apple News to ensure that users get the latest verified reports from trusted news outlets.


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