Apple Accidentally Reveals AirTags in New Apple Support Video

Apple AirTags

Apple is reportedly working on to launch AirTags, which is primarily a Bluetooth tracker. The rumor assumes significance with a reference to AirTag surfacing in a new Apple Support video via Appleosophy. Apple has taken down the video after media outlets started to report on the possible imminent launch of AirTags.

Apple seems to have uploaded a video with the title “How to erase your iPhone” with specific reference to AirTags at 1:42 position. Appleosophy also posted screenshots that clearly specify AirTags under the “Enable Offline Finding” option. If you enable the feature, then iOS will be able to not only locate the device but also AirTags when not connected to Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

In 2019, there were rumors about the possible launch of AirTags, which will look like a square tile. You will be able to locate keys, backpack or even a bicycle if you tag AirTags with the items. You will be able to track the item easily in case of any theft.

The iOS 13 code exposed by 9to5Mac last year also revealed the existence of AirTags. The accidental revelation of the AirTags signs imminent launch. However, we don’t have any idea as to why Apple took down the YouTube video.

Steps To Locate AirTags On Apple Support Video

The Apple Support tutorial “How to erase your iPhone” (now removed) examines the process of erasing an iPhone to factory settings either from the phone or via a PC. In the second part, Apple prompts us to deactivate Find My iPhone option on the iPhone. Apple executive then taps on Settings | Name | Find My iPhone to view the long option captioned “Enables your iPhone and other supported accessories to be shown on the map”, which you can view if you pause the video at 1.40.

The real content was clearly visible upon tapping on Find My iPhone. You will find three options such as Enabling/Disabling Find My iPhone, Enabling Offline Finding and Send Last Location. The reference to AirTags was found on the second option and you could have viewed it on the video upon pausing at 1:42.

Apple AirTags
Source: Apple via YouTube

We don’t know whether the AirTags reference in the Apple support video is an inadvertent error, accidental or deliberate. There are also chances that the company could unveil AirTags along with the upcoming iPhone. That said, the company clearly mentions AirTags as per the screen reveals. It’s just a matter of time as to when the company will officially make AirTags available for purchase.

The original video has been removed by Apple and you should accept the above facts with a pinch of salt.


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