Apple Acquires AI Startup Voysis To Help Improve Siri

Apple Acquires AI Voice Startup Voysis to Make Siri Better

Within days after sealing the deal with Dark Sky, Apple has acquired a majority stake in Voysis, which is an AI startup focussing on digital voice assistants. Voysis has developed a scalable platform for smart voice assistants, which is designed to understand people’s natural language.

Based in Dublin, the primary purpose of the Voysis is to improve the performance of digital assistants inside online shopping apps. The product specifically responds accurately to voice commands from users. It is to be noted that Voysis has taken down the website without any specific information about their products.

According to Apple sources, the company usually buys smaller technology companies that make a difference in the lives of the people. The company is not in a position to discuss the terms of the purchase. Moreover, the iPhone maker declined to reveal the purpose of the acquisition or the desired plans that the company intends to do with the product.

Voysis adopts Wavenets technology, which is an AI-based method for the creation of a human-centric computer speech rendering system.

In the past, Goggle had developed a similar technology named DeepMind in 2016. Peter Cahill, Voysis co-founder disclosed that his company managed to shrink its system in such a way that it makes use of as low as 25MB of memory resources. Hence, the solution adopted by them can be used on smartphones even without an Internet connection.

Voysis has already handed over its award-winning AI solution to other enterprise companies for the purpose of incorporating on their own apps and voice assistants.

Apple could probably enhance the efficiency of its voice-assistant Siri including the ability to understand natural language via the Voysis platform. Moreover, the Tim Cook-owned company will also integrate the Voysis platform inside the upcoming iPhone devices.

Apple had acquired several AI startups, which include Dark Sky, Turi,, and Laserlike. The company is continuously recognizing the efforts of the startups worldwide and the products under their kitty. Apple is a world-class company and they will only invest in those companies, which provide value for the users.

Voysis Team

Voysis had sold its products to several companies since its inception in 2012. The company had offices in Boston and Edinburgh. The company received $8 million venture capital from Polaris Partners in 2017.

The Cupertino-based tech giant also acquired Dark Sky, which is a popular weather app for iPhones and iPads. Going forward, we can expect the integration of the Dark Sky weather app on the iOS platform itself. Hence, you need not have to download the app separately.


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