Google Rolls Out Android 11 Developer Preview: Top Five Features

Android 11 Developer Preview

The Android 11 Developer Preview is now available for select Google devices. Touted as the next-generation mobile operating system, the Android 11 developer preview comes with new features for emerging smartphones. The features comprise with the developer preview will be available publicly when the search engine giant releases the full-blown version during the annual Google I/O event, which is scheduled in May 2020.

In this article, we will examine the core features and what new the Android 11 has to offer to the users.

Android 11 Developer Preview Features – You Must Know

  • New Air Gestures
  • Conversations
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Screen Recording
  • Enhanced App Permissions

1: New Air Gestures

With the all-new Android 11, you will be able to work with the new air gestures for commands. This feature will be available only for Google Pixel 4, to begin with, because of the integration of the Soli radar chip. You just need to perform a few slight taps instead of touching the display to perform the relevant work.

2: Conversations

Android 11 includes dedicated conversations section of the notification panel. The purpose is to break out the new messages on the floating panel instead of merging with other app notifications.

3: Chat Bubbles

The Bubbles feature included with Android 11 is identical to chat heads in Facebook Messenger. It will act as a bubble on the display, which enables you to multitask. The Bubbles feature will only work with Google’s text messaging app and not with apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike, and others. The availability of Bubbles API will enable third-party apps to leverage the functionality of their apps.

4: Screen Recording

The Android 11 carries a built-in handy screen recording app. The function of the app is to record the actions you perform on the device. You will find plenty of third-party apps using which you can perform screen recording.

5: Enhanced App Permissions

The Android 11 is designed to protect the privacy of the users. You can provide temporary permission to the app to access the camera, microphone and location data. The module will also have a crazy function such as Only this time option, which ensures that the permissions are granted only once and not recurring.

The above Android 11 Developer Preview feature will not only enhance the user experience but also improves security and privacy. Android 11 will change the way you work with your mobile devices. The preview build is currently available for Google Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4 and XL. Going by the past, we expect the Android 11 launch in May during Google I/O event. However, the company will likely push several builds before the final stable release.

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