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Amazon and Google offer free music streaming across Alexa and Google Home smart speaker devices

Amazon and Google offer free music streaming


Amazon and Google offer free music streaming across Alexa and Google Home smart speaker devices

Here is some good news if you are an owner of either Amazon or Google Home smart speaker devices. Both the companies Amazon and Google have announced the availability of their free music streaming service – Amazon Music and YouTube Music across their smart speaker range respectively.

For Amazon, it actually is a new free tier of its Amazon Music service that the company has announced. However, it’s going to be available only on the Echo and other Alexa powered devices, that too only in the US. So, if you own any of the Alexa powered devices, you can access the vast collection of songs that Amazon Music has on offer. The only catch here is that it is the ad-supported version of Amazon Music that is being offered. 

Similarly, Google too is offering the free tier of YouTube Music to owners of Google Home devices, and understandably, it contains ads. However, the one aspect where Google’s latest musical overture for its smart speaker devices differ from Amazon is that it is available across a wider geographical region.

Among the countries where Google Home users will be getting the free Google Music service right away include the US, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Austria, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Amazon and Google free music streaming service

All of this however should make things a bit more tough for companies like Pandora or Spotify, both of which have a free tier of their music streaming service. Now with both Google and Amazon offering their own music catalogs to devices in their ecosystem, they sure have the edge here as they can better fine tune their offerings to suit their devices in their own ecosystem.

There also isn’t much of a difference so far as the choice of music is concerned in any of the music streaming service currently on offer, be it from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon or Google Music. Each of the companies have tie-ups with some of the biggest music labels and offer a comprehensive collection of tracks spread across different genres and artists.

Both Google and Amazon will likely benefit from the latest move that it can woo owners of Google Home or Alexa speaker devices to convert to paid members, thereby adding to their subscriber base. Amazon Music is already the third largest free music streaming company, behind only Spotify and Apple Music though Google has some catching up to do here.

Source: XDA Developers

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